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20th September 2016 is our really simply bookmarking tool. We built it so we could quickly save bookmarks on any device, no matter what browser or app we were using. Although it's really simple to use (just type "" in front of any bookmark), the app has a few hidden features for power users.

Hashtags uses lists to organize bookmarks, but you can also add hashtags if you wish. If you add a #hashtag to a bookmark's note, you will get a clickble link to find all other bookmarks with that tag.


Lists are a great way to organize bookmarks. Creating lists is done on the fly by typing the list name in, while save the bookmark. For example, if you wanted to save a bookmark to a "recipe" list, you would type:

This would save that bookmark to the a new list called recipe. You can create an unlimited number of lists.

Unread Bookmarks

Want to see which bookmarks you haven't yet read? You can turn on "read tracking" (pro feature) on the settings page. This will record if you click on a bookmark. It also creates a new list called "unread".

Add notes when you save a bookmark

Any bookmark can have notes attached to them. And many users want to add notes as soon as they save a bookmark. To do this, turn on the "edit on save" (pro feature) on the settings page. When this setting is on, you will be taken to the edit page right after saving a bookmark so you can add notes.

Delete an entire list of bookmarks

On the list page, if you click "delete list", you'll get an option to also delete all the bookmarks in that list. This is really useful if you have an old group of bookmarks you no longer need.

Sticky Bookmarks

Want to keep a bookmark at the top of the page? There is an often overlooked "sticky" feature on the edit page. Just hit "edit" next to the bookmark and select the "sticky" option at the bottom.

Archiving Bookmarks has an archive (pro feature) that can store all your deleted bookmarks. This way you can recover acciedentally deleted bookmarks or just remove bookmarks you rarely use from the main list.

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