Turn your new tab page into a notebook

13th October 2016

WriteTab is a new extension for chrome that turns your new tab page into a distraction free writing space.

I built WriteTab for two reasons:

1) I could get rid of the disctracting tile of frequently visited sites. There's no better way to distract yourself then being constantly tempted to check facebook or twitter everytime you open a new tab.

2) Create a space I could quickly jot down ideas.

I spend 90% of my computing time in the browser, so it made sense to attach a notepad to it. I don't need to go searching for the note I was currently working on, I just need to open a new tab. With WriteTab your words are saved as you type and it syncs across tabs. Your writing stays securely on your machine and is not stored in the cloud.

WriteTab is completely free to use and contains no ads. I plan on adding a couple of new features to it including the ability to save your writing to .txt files.

Check out WriteTab on the Chome Web Store

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